Easing the pre-flight stress

The key to stressfree travel

passenger relaxing in plane


We all know that a holiday is an experience designed to escape the tension in your life. However, what is often overlooked Is just how trying an experience traveling can be. The aim for all people planning an overseas journey should be to ensure a stressfree travel experience. Therefore, to help minimise the potential for stress, here are some tips to help prior to boarding the plane.

Read the fine print carefully

document being examined with magnifying glass


If a flight deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! Make sure prior to signing on the dotted line that you read the terms & conditions carefully. There is often nothing worse than thinking you have got the deal of a lifetime only to be slugged with extra costs. These costs could be additional taxes not mentioned in the advertisement or there could be restrictions placed on you once you reach the airport. Imagine turning up, suitcase in hand, only to be told that you have no baggage allowance and must play a premium to have your baggage loaded onto the plane. Be thorough in reading the fine print and you should ensure that this tense scenario is avoided.

Study your destination

people examining a map

So, you have checked the terms & conditions, everything is fine and now you are ready to head to your chosen destination but what do you actually know about it? Is it a historically safe place for tourists? If yes, are there natural events that may disrupt your trip (such as an active volcano or recent earthquake activity)? Has there been recent political instability? Such hurdles could potentially leave you stranded or delayed well beyond your intended travel duration. Researching the current affairs occurring in your destination city prior to booking will help reduce the likelihood of potential issues arising post take-off.

Arrive early and be prepared

cartoon of people in airport queue

Having read the fine print of your travel offer and now feeling safe that you are heading to a desirable location all that is left to do is travel to the airport. To further minimize stress make sure that the airport experience is as relaxed as possible. To do this make sure to pack the night before, to ensure you have your passport on you, to give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and to make the screening process through security stressfree by leaving undesirable items at home. All these small preparations will allow you to get through the airport in a timely fashion and to the gate in plenty of time to enjoy a pre-flight drink as you await takeoff!