Making backpacking easier

How to backpack the world with ease

backpackers on top of mountain

Whilst still appealing, not everyone is keen on the stereotypical holiday adventure. Here you board a plane to a faraway world-renowned city, stay in a luxury hotel for a week or two and then depart with a satisfied belly and a camera roll full of popular tourist attraction photos.  Nowadays, many people are keen to travel in their own backyard or, if heading overseas, are keen to do so in a rougher manner with the backpack attached and a plan to slum it in hostels. Yet doing so doesn’t need to be difficult. Here, We will give our backpacking hacks that will help make your adventure a little less difficult.

Ensure you search for cheaper flights


You are obviously going to want to minimize monetary use so be sure that when searching the web for cheaper flights you are capturing the cheapest ones available. One way you can do this is by enabling private browsing when you undertake airline searches. This will ensure that your data is not retained the next time you jump online.

When packing, roll your clothes

When getting ready for the trip, make sure to roll instead of folding your clothes into your backpack. This is a well-known trick that will give you much more room to pack your essentials.

Utilize your shoes and boots for space


Don’t overlook the fact that your shoes and boots are effectively waiting for your feet and therefore have a lot of space that can be filled by stuffing in your socks, undies and valuables if you are searching for more packing space.


Remember that almost any container can be re-used


Don’t forget that when staying in hostels around the world that people will go through tubs of food that can in many cases be of benefit to you before you head trekking. If someone finishes a tub of yogurt and leaves it in the hostel kitchen, wash, dry and re-use to store your own foods and keep fresh.


Use your phone to memorize the essentials


Often it is easy to forget the kind of information that you’ll need later after a big night out or an adrenaline-inducing adventure, make sure to ease the burden on your brain by taking photos or notes on your phone using the many functions and apps that are available. This will ease stress and avoid you forgetting something important like your room number.


Keep important information on a card with pictures


Do you have allergies or medical conditions that can be fatal yet are traveling into a foreign land where you do not speak the language? Avoid any potential confusion by preparing a display card with all your listed allergies and conditions plus pictures. Just in case you get sick, bitten or eat something you shouldn’t while away.

backpackers playing music in van

Hopefully adopting these hacks will make your backpacking adventure a little easier. Enjoy your trip!